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We are starting a new project on loquats. This web is the presentation of this project. We have began the plantation in an area where, so far, it was not grown at a professional scale, but we are sure that it meets all the conditions to be grown as an early crop.

Although you already know our fruit by the name loquat, we want to differentiate our product from what is already available in the market by labelling it with the new denomination lokwats®, as we believe that our fruit is different.

Our fruit is produced on one farm, under the optimum climate conditions and rigorous quality control and handling criteria. This makes us a hundred percent confidence in our produce, to the extent that we believe our lokwats should have a unique name as the fruit is produced and cared for in a way that is not the norm forjust acommon loquat.

Our guarantee is that if you try one of our lokwats® you will love them. Our philosophy is that our clients will appreciate that what they aretasting is the result of all the special care we have taken to produce this high quality fruit.

Our lokwats® are grown in the coastal area of Almeria, this region is fortunate enough to have one of the highest sunshine hours per year in Europe. These special climatic conditions ensure that the fruit is the earliest on the market and also gives them a unique flavour.

They are cultivated under mesh structures to prevent damage on their skins which can be caused when the wind rubs the coarse leaves of the tree against the fruit.These same structures also protect the fruit fromhail which canalso impair theappearance of this delicate fruit.

We use different varieties to guarantee supply of the fruit during an extended season which runs from March until the end of May.

The loquat (Eriobotryajaponica), although belonging to the Rosaceae family, like the apples, has the singularity of flowering in autumn and is not a deciduous tree. The dormant time of the tree occurs in the middle of the summer in the months following the harvest of the fruit. This is the opposite of apples, when the apples are in full blossom the loquats are being harvested. This characteristic makes it mandatory to be grown under a unique climate, with an absence of frost to obtain the maximum quality and flavour.

Our lokwats® have a unique flavour, very delicate with a special freshness. They are available at a time when other fruit are scarce and only competes with the strawberry. Thus, it comes in season at a time when the maximum commercial potential of the fruit can be realised, as the consumers are expecting new things and it is still a long way to mid May when the summer fruit starts.

We only pack fruit of the highest standards and that implies we take extreme care with such delicate fruit. We only work our own production, so we can guarantee the complete control at all levels. We offer total traceability, not only of the fruit itself,but with all the procedures involved in the handling and packing. We have all the quality certifications at production level (Global Gap®) as well as working conditions of our team (Sedex®).

You can contact us at info@lokwat.com


*Nutrition Value per 100 g

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

Principle Nutrient Value * Percentage of RDA *
Energy 47 Kcal  2.4%
Protein 0.43 g  2%
Total fat 0.20 g  1%
Cholesterol 0 mg  0%
Niacin 0.180 mg  1%
Piridoxine 0.100 mg  8%
Riboflavin 0.024 mg  2%
Thiamin 0.019 mg  2%
Vitamin A 1528 IU  51%
Vitamin C 1 mg  2%
Sodium 1 mg  0%
Potassium 266 mg  6%
Calcium 16 mg  1.6%
Copper 0.040 mg  4.5%
Iron 0.28 mg  3.5%
Magnesium 13 mg  3%
Manganese 0,148 mg  6.5%
Phosphorus 27 mg  4%
selenium 0.6 µg  1%

Harvesting Schedule:

Variety Harvesting
Maghdal Second half of March
Algherie April and the first week of May
Golden Nugget April and the first week of May
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